Friday, November 14, 2008

1459. A Success Fence Rachet, used with a wrench to tighten or loosen a fence wire, guy-rope, or cable, patent number 636,158.

1460. A patent model of a fifth wheel for a wagon, it's a steering mechanism in which the front wheels and axle assembly pivot on a center point.

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1461. This is probably for creating a fireball by placing powder in the container and then blowing through the tube to force the powder towards the lit candle. Two possible uses for it are science demonstrations and stage shows. A video of a science teacher using corn starch to show this effect can be seen here. Lycopodium powder is also used for dust explosion experiments.

1462. A big game cart, used by a hunter to haul his trophy back to his vehicle.

1463. A 1950's UHF TV antenna, according to this site:
If an indoor UHF antenna must be used, the two-bay bow tie with a reflector screen is the best choice. But, keep in mind, outdoor antennas are always better than indoor antennas.

1464. A raising fork for telegraph poles, this lineman's tool was used to support one end of a pole during up-ending. Although it does resemble a Japanese Sasumata, which is used by firefighters and police, patent number 781,973 shows a similar fork that was invented in 1904. The bottom of this page has a photo of larger versions of this tool in use.


Update on number 1454 in last week's set:
I received an email from someone who used this exact tool when putting new tips on pool cues. He stated:
The cue had to be ground down so the ferrule would be flush, the device pictured was what we used for this purpose. The pool cue sans tip and ferrule was placed in the grinder then the handle turned. A new ferrule was selected and glued in place then the tip was glued on. After the glue dried, emery cloth was used to smooth the surface and eliminate any trace of the joint between wood, ferrule and tip.

Patent number 1,501,632 is a close match, so while it could still be used for other jobs, I think cue tenoning was the primary purpose for this device.

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